Episode 59 (11/18/19) – Steve Storrie

This week, we had the extreme pleasure of speaking with owner/operator of Dynamic Discs Carrolton and recipient of the 2018 Brent Hambrick TD Of The Year award, Steven “Steve-o” Storrie! Steve has a wealth of experience and insight in Disc Golf administration, and we hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did!

Episode 58

Good news! We think we’ve figured out our technical difficulties thanks to the support of superfans Derek Savory, Robert Zavala, and Marcus Rodgers! We have a new mic and we went ahead and recorded a minisode with the Weekly Breakdown and other local updates. We will be talking to Zoe this Friday and adding that conversation to episode 59 next Monday 11/18 when we will be talking to PDGA TD of the year Steven Storrie! Stay Tuned!

Episode 57 (10/21/19) – #Oggween2019 | Logan Bowers/Ryan”Telly”Bretell

This week, we headed out to Oggwood to chat with ALPO and Phillip Dawson about Halloween at Oggwood, and we also had the pleasure of talking to Logan and Telly about their thoughts at the close of the 2019 finger*POP* Tour! Enjoy!

Episode 56 (10/14/19) – Lyme Warrior DG (Nikki DiSalvo/Derek Savory)

This week, we have the pleasure of being joined by our dear friends, the DiSalvory’s (Derek Savory and Nikki DiSalvo) for an in-depth conversation about Lyme Disease, its symptoms, and how to protect yourself whilst throwing frisbees in the woods!

Episode 55 (10/7/19) – Chantee DeSilva-Cox, Jenny San Filippo

It’s Ladies’ Night! This week, we had the distinct pleasure of being joined by our friend Chantee DeSilva-Cox and the mastermind behind Ladies First Disc Golf, Jenny San Filippo for a fun conversation about their vision for womens’ Disc Golf, and what we can do to grow the sport for all Disc Maidens!

Episode 54 (9/30/19) – Clint Wright, Eric & Tina Oakley

In this week’s episode, we chat with our friend Clint Wright about some events the Lawrence County area has coming up, as well as their new podcast, Circle 2, which is now available on Spotify! We also have the distinct pleasure of being joined by our good friends Eric and Tina Oakley! We got to pick their brains about the USDGC, Whalesacs, and the less glamorous side of life on the road. This one was a lot of fun, hope you enjoy it!

Episode 53 – (9/23/19)

This week, we had the pleasure of being joined by member of Team Westside Discs and creator of the Perfect Putt 360 app, Chris Zagone! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

Episode 52 – 9/16/19

In Episode 52, we’re excited to welcome Philo Brathwaite back to the show to catch us up on his 2019 tour, as well as make an announcement about his travel plans on his way to USDGC!

Episode 51 – (9/9/19)

For episode 51, we had the pleasure of being joined by our dear friend Jonathan Ray, as well as newly-appointed CEO and DGPT Tour Director Jeff Spring, for. a. chat about the future of the Pro Tour, age-protected divisions, and much more!

Episode 50 – (9/1/19)

Happy Labor Day! In Episode 50, we go on location at Nashboro Golf Club to talk to Jesse Coe about his new Sunday morning league on the Chain Links, and his experiences with incorporating Disc Golf into a traditional golf course!