2018 Bag Tag Series Hole Sponsorships Are Now Available…ON OUR WEBSITE!!!

We are now selling ANNUAL Hole Sponsorships for the 2018 Bag Tag Series. If you or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring a hole, for the entire 2018 Series, please refer them to our 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities page for more information.

Annual Hole sponsorships are $100, and will be available on our website until all 18 have been sold. This $100 gets you/your business an 8.5″x11″ custom “Hole Sponsored by…” sign featuring your logo and any other info/contact information of your choice. This sign will then be displayed on a hole of your choosing* at EVERY Bag Tag Series event this year. That’s 10 events with 100s of disc golfers that will see your sponsorship each month, for just $10 per event. Click here to learn more about the 2018 Bag Tag Series.

Check out our 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities page to learn more or sponsor a hole today!

*Please note hole availability will be on a first come first serve basis.

2018 Bag Tag Changes

Changes are on the horizon.

2017 is a wrap and it was an incredible year. We added 3 PDGA C-tiers to our annual calendar, ran bag tags with waaaaay too many people and had tons of top pros that partnered with MCDG for unique events. From Paul McBeth, Nate Sexton to Whalepants, Jomez and Dude — Nashville’s offerings in 2017 were epic in many ways. As disc golf continues to grow, MCDG grows along with it. We’ve had substantial growth in membership and participants and that growth is now giving way to some much needed adjustments.

While these might seem dramatic to some, we assure you it’s a well thought out plan to continue to provide the fun loving atmosphere and high quality of events that people love being a part of. Basically, we can’t continue to hold one round bag tags with 120+ people on courses that should be holding 72-90 maximum. While we love it, there just is a point where we actually cannot sustain it; and we feel we have arrived at that point.

Please take a look at the new changes and remember to keep them in your mind when you are choosing your classification — the changes not only effect the bag tags but casual rounds as well.

See you on the course!



2018 Premium Memberships and 2018 Home Course Fundraiser Tags

That’s right folks, there are ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT to purchase 2018 Premium Memberships and/or 2018 Home Course fundraiser tags. In order to meet manufacturing deadlines, all 2018 Premium Memberships and 2018 Home Course fundraiser tag orders MUST be submitted by 1/1/2018 @ 10pm Central. These options will no longer be available after that date/time.

Visit the 2018 MCDG Membership Form page to sign up today!

MCDG 2018 Memberships Now on Sale

To further add to the excitement of all of today’s announcements, 2018 MCDG Memberships are now for sale on our website.

This year we are offering our Standard Membership, as you know it from years past, as well as a couple of new options:

  1. Premium Membership: This tier of membership gets you all the perks of our Standard Membership, but also includes a Personalized Commemorative 2018 Bag Tag, and a 2018 MCDG Bag Tag Series T-Shirt.
  2. Home Course Tags: In addition to our memberships, we are also selling Home Course Tags for the courses featured in our 2017 Bag Tag Series schedule. For each of these tags sold, $5 will be donated to the course fund of the corresponding course. These tags will not be numbered, but rather are a way to show your support and rep your home course throughout the 2018 Season.

Due to manufacturing deadlines, the Premium Membership Tier and the Home Course Tags will only be available for purchase through January 1, 2018, to ensure we are able to fulfill all orders by Event 1 of the Bag Tag Series in February. You can purchase your 2018 Membership by using the form at the link below and making payment to the club. We will also be selling 2018 Memberships at the 2017 Series Banquet on Monday Dec 11 at Donelson Bowl. See ya’ll on the course in 2018!

Purchase your 2018 Membership here:


2017 Bag Tag Results

The results are in amigos, and congratulations are in order for our 2017 Bag Tag Series Champions!

Open Men:

  1. Rodney Goad – 233
  2. Telly Bretell – 216
  3. Logan Bowers – 199

Open Women:

  1. Danielle Dobbs – 23
  2. Elyse Carfey – 21
  3. Stacey Martin – 18


  1. John Burlingame – 96
  2. Russell Hammond – 95
  3. Q-Tip Berry – 85

Masters Women:

  1. Angel Ramey


  1. John Knoch – 44
  2. Danny Lane – 41
  3. Ken Folger – 35


  1. Dance Furby – 216
  2. ALPO – 178
  3. Jake Trotter – 153

Advanced Masters:

  1. Dallas Randalph – 153
  2. Sean Gouge – 115
  3. Tim Bagsby – 114

Advanced Masters Women:

  1.  Christa Gilley – 6


  1. Hunter Sholar – 207
  2. Harper Thompson – 180
  3. Lonnie Nelson – 179

Intermediate Women:

  1. Jennifer Watts – 11
  2. Stacey Caparas – 8


  1. Josh Weems – 72
  2. Joe Ruiz – 55
  3. Brett Downing – 54


  1. Caleb Webster – 9
  2. Samuel Humphrey – 3

For the full results check out the 2017 Bag Tag Standings page.

Thanks for making 2017 such an awesome year, and we will see you at the Banquet in December!