Episode 17 (12/18/18) Bradley Tucker

In this week’s episode, we celebrate the life of our friend Freddie Gibbs (1959-2017|PDGA#7878.) Wil and 2019 MCDG Financial Officer-elect Zachary Hoy talk to the artist behind the Memorial that was placed on hole 11 at Seven Oaks this weekend about what it took to properly honor the passing of our dear friend and mentor.

Episode 16 (12/11/18) Jared Neal

We gave Jay a week off so he could have a baby, but the show must go on, so we hog-tied him for a chat with a good friend and member of Team Dynamic Discs, Mr. Jared Neal!

Episode 15 (12/3/18) Andrew Maley, Josh Major

This week’s episode is all about the last events we have in the 2018 MCDG season, and the belle of the ball is The Wednesday Night Puttstravaganza! Join the “founding fathers” of the WNT on a journey from the Weekly Breakdown, around a breakdown of the Roc vs. Buzzz Challenge, through a history of the WNT, to how MCDG secured an indoor winter putting league at Little Harpeth Brewing!

Episode 14 (11/26/18) Jonathan Gomez

JOMEZ!! Tune in this week for your Weekly Breakdown, and a really awesome chat with Jonathan Gomez of Jomez Productions! Later in the episode, Wil, Jay, and Jared “Koop” Kupidura dish on how it feels to be the only 3 incumbents elected to the MCDG Board of Directors in 2019.

Episode 13 (11/21/18) Sara Lamberson, Shawn Sinclair

We had the pleasure of sitting down with two of our good friends, PDGA Event Coordinator Shawn Sinclair, and member of Team Innova/Co-host of PDGA Radio/2015PDGA Rookie Of The Year, Sara Lamberson!

Episode 12 (11/12/18) Telly Bretell

Telly (aka “Ryan Bretell”) joins Wil and Jay for the Weekly Breakdown, and a conversation about the 2018 MCDG Club Championship, the 2018 Freddie Gibbs Memorial, the Wednesday Night Puttstravaganza at Little Harpeth Brewing, and more!

Episode 11 (11/5/18) Black Monocle Discs

Wil and Jay are joined by Donny Bannister and Jordan Webster from Black Monocle Discs to discuss the upcoming Roc vs Buzzz tournament, the Two Rivers revitalization effort, and much more!

Episode 10 (10/29/18) Logan Bowers, Jonathan Ray, Callie McMorran

Wil and Jay assembled an all-star cast for this week’s episode! Following the Weekly Breakdown, we are joined by Logan Bowers, JRay, and Callie McMorran for an entertaining and informative conversation about a wide range of topics. Enjoy!

Episode 9 (10/23/18) Oggween Recap

Wil delivers the Weekly Breakdown and a brief recap of Halloween At Oggwood 2018!

Episode 8 (10/16/18) Alan Posey, Phillip Dawson – Oggween!

All about Oggween! Wil is joined by Alan Posey, owner of Oggwood Phillip Dawson, and some Oggwood locals for a discussion about the upcoming 4th annual Halloween At Oggwood!!