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COVID-19 & Social Distancing

Due to COVID-19, we will be following a strict Social Distancing Guide for all of our events in 2020. This guide is to help us adhere to local government rules on large gatherings and to help ensure the safety of our disc golf family.

Music CIty Disc Golf is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and betterment of disc golf in the Nashville area

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Music City Disc Golf is

Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

Music City Disc Golf is proud to be sponsored by Dynamic Discs. Our passion for disc golf and goals of growing the sport align prefectly with each other, and we are accomplishing some amazing things together. If you haven’t checked them out, we highly encourage you to do so below.

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Supporting Our Community

With over 10 courses in the Nashville area, we proudly support each one with donations every year. This helps keep our courses up to date and in the best possible conditions.

Growing the Sport

MCDG is dedicated to growing the sport of Disc Golf. From organizing instructional clinics to bringing in large events to the Nashville area, we do it all.

Hosting Events

As a club, we host over 20 events every year. From our popular Bag Tag Series to C-Tiers on our local courses, we have a large array of events. We also host the amazing Music City Open A-Tier where the top rated pros in the world come to play.


Our MCDG Elected Board Members

These are our amazing board members and their roles in our club.

Zachary Hoy

Executive Officer

Robert Zavala

Operations Officer

Jay Skinner

Financial Officer

Danielle Dobbs

Information Officer

Ruth Miller

Membership Officer

Marcus Rodgers

Special Events Officer

Chantee Cox

Public Relations Officer


Latest from Our Podcast

Here is our 3 latest Podcast episodes. Listen anytime on our site,  Apple or Google Podcasts, just search for “MCDG”.

Episode 91 (7/27/2020) – Zach Evans & Donny Bannister | Ryan “Telly” Bretell

This week, we were joined in the Sapphire Lounge by our friends Zach Evans and Donny Bannister for a recap of the nearly-completed renovations at Two Rivers, and the homie Ryan “Telly” Bretell for part 2/ the Glow Round, where we went a little off the rails and brought it back to discuss plans for the 2020 Freddie Gibbs Memorial. We had a great time with this one, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 90 (7/20/2020) – Rodney Goad

This was a really special one for us. When we started the show, our only two real objectives were to give everybody detailed updates on all our events, and to capture the stories of our most beloved locals for the members of our community in the future, and at the top of our guest wish-list was always the one and only Rodney Goad. Well, it took two years, but we finally got him in front of a microphone, and it brings us a great sense of satisfaction to know that our conversation with our boy Blue will be available for everybody to enjoy forever. We had an incredible time, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 89 (7/13/2020) – Chris Baker & Steven Waites

This week, we had the pleasure of being joined by our new friends in Indiana, both members of Team Westside Discs, Chris Baker and Steven Waites, about their course projects, media ventures, 2022 Am Worlds, and much more. Enjoy!

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