Welcome to Music City Disc Golf

Music CIty Disc Golf is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and betterment of disc golf in the Nashville area

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Music City Disc Golf is

Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

Music City Disc Golf is proud to be sponsored by Dynamic Discs. Our passion for disc golf and goals of growing the sport align prefectly with each other, and we are accomplishing some amazing things together. If you haven’t checked them out, we highly encourage you to do so below.

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Supporting Our Community

With over 10 courses in the Nashville area, we proudly support each one with donations every year. This helps keep our courses up to date and in the best possible conditions.

Growing the Sport

MCDG is dedicated to growing the sport of Disc Golf. From organizing instructional clinics to bringing in large events to the Nashville area, we do it all.

Hosting Events

As a club, we host over 20 events every year. From our popular Bag Tag Series to C-Tiers on our local courses, we have a large array of events. We also host the amazing Music City Open A-Tier where the top rated pros in the world come to play.


Our MCDG Elected Board Members

This is our amazing board members and their roles in our club.

Wil McKaskle

Executive Officer

Zach Evans

Operations Officer

Zachary Hoy

Financial Officer

Jay Skinner

Special Events

Robert Zavala


Jared Kupidura

Information Officer


Latest from Our Podcast

Here is our 3 latest Podcast episodes. Listen anytime on our site,  Apple or Google Podcasts, just search for “MCDG”.

Episode 61 (12/2/19) – Steve Dodge

This week, we had the pleasure of talking to DGPT founder Steve Dodge about BIRDIE!, the Disc Golf board game! BIRDIE! is the brainchild of Boda Brothers Games, a company Steve formed with his brother Todd, and it is creating quite a buzz on social media. Steve gives us a detailed rundown of the game’s mechanics, and shares some details on the Kickstarter campaign that began on Black Friday and is running until Christmas Day. We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did, and we hope you will support the campaign by following t6he link below!


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Episode 60 (11/25/19) – Ken Folger

Happy Thanksgiving! This week, we were graced behind the microphone with the presence of Ken Folger! Ken has been playing disc golf since before there were golf discs, and was around for the very earliest beginnings of the Nashville Disc Golf community. Ken took a walk down memory lane and gave us quite the DG history lesson, and we’re excited to share his stories with you guys. Enjoy!

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Episode 59 (11/18/19) – Steve Storrie

This week, we had the extreme pleasure of speaking with owner/operator of Dynamic Discs Carrolton and recipient of the 2018 Brent Hambrick TD Of The Year award, Steven “Steve-o” Storrie! Steve has a wealth of experience and insight in Disc Golf administration, and we hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did!

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