Category: MCDG Podcast

Episode 37

Wil and Jay deliver the Weekly Breakdown, and a recap of recent events!

Episode 36 – Disc Golf Strong

This week, Jay, Dr. Hoy and Wil were joined by the mastermind behind the first comprehensive physical conditioning program designed specifically for Disc Golf, Seth Munsey of Disc Golf Strong! We got to talk about the evolution of his program, his vision, and how you can get some expert coaching during the 2019 Music City Open Sponsored by Dynamic Discs!

Episode 35 – E4, Mike Lane Classic, MCO and GBO

Wil and Jay are joined by Dr. Zachary Hoy for a recap of E4, GBO, information about the Mike Lane Classic, the 2019 Music City Open Sponsored by Dynamic Discs and more!

Episode 34 – (4/14/19)

This week, we welcome back frequent guest Jeff Casalina for a breakdown of his events, and we’re joined by David Wiley Nelson for a chat about MTDGA and their upcoming events. 12-time Antarctic Champion Chris Alto responds to comments from Scott Stokely’s recent episode!

Episode 33 – (4/10/19) “The Resurrection”

We thought it was lost forever, but we invite you to listen to the most amazing episode of this show we’ve ever recorded! Jay and I provide the Weekly Breakdown and we are joined for incredible conversations with Brian Earhart, Paul Ulibarri, Nate Perkins, Alyssa Van Lanen, Paige Pierce, and James Conrad! Thanks to Dr. Zachary Hoy for helping me recover the lost audio files and build them back into a podcast episode!

Episode 32 – (4/9/19) “Epic Fail”

Jay and I are referring to this week’s episode as “a tribute to the greatest Disc Golf podcast you will never hear.” We uuhhhh…well just take a listen.

Episode 31 (3/31/19)

Wil and Jay are joined by the original wild man of disc golf, Scott Stokely, for an amazing conversation about his many accomplishments and his goals for the future!

Episode 30 (3/24/19) Philo Brathwaite

This week, we had the extreme honor and pleasure of being joined by none other than the great and powerful Philo Brathwaite! This may be the longest episode of the show yet, but it was definitely one of our favorites. The man is an exemplary ambassador of Disc Golf, and though we experienced a couple technical difficulties toward the end of the conversation, the nest time you see him on the show, he’ll be sitting at a table with us!

Episode 29 (3/17/19) Phillip Dawson – Oggwood!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Since we moved E3 to Sander’s Ferry, a lot of you have admirably stepped up to help Oggwood through their current difficulties, and we thought you should have all the info available, so Jay and I got the mad scientist himself, Phillip Dawson, and several members of the Ogg Squad to join us for a roundish-table discussion!

Episode 28 (3/12/19) Duck River Disc Golf

This week, we’re joined by the Duck River Boys! DRDG club president Tim Saffer, Duck River Open TD Jimmy Elkins, and TN State Park Ranger Shaun Rainone give us a brief history of Disc Golf at Henry Horton State Park, the development and goals of the new club, and more!