Music City Disc Golf est. 2012 

Music City Disc Golf Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and betterment of disc golf in the Nashville area. We are heavily involved in all aspects of course design and upkeep; from maintenance to beautification, MCDG has a team that can handle any need. We have a close relationship with Metro Parks and Recreation, and we are developing new courses every year. New Metro Parks legislation has created budgeting for new disc golf courses, and the Nashville area is poised to become a central hub for the sport.

At over 300 members and growing, MCDG is the leading voice for disc golf in the area. Our board consists of seven dedicated, passionate and highly professional volunteers, but we are actually a much larger team, as we have hundreds of volunteers from our membership base that step up whenever there is a need.

And of course…we run a pretty popular Bag Tag Series.

Meet the Board:

Executive Officer - Alan Posey

Operations Officer - Michael McDaniel

Financial Officer - Matt Jolley

Information Officer - Wil Mckaskle

Membership Officer - Josh Major

Special Events Officer - Andrew Maley

Public Relations Officer - Mike Aucoin
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