Category: MCDG Podcast

Episode 11 (11/5/18) Black Monocle Discs

Wil and Jay are joined by Donny Bannister and Jordan Webster from Black Monocle Discs to discuss the upcoming Roc vs Buzzz tournament, the Two Rivers revitalization effort, and much more!

Episode 10 (10/29/18) Logan Bowers, Jonathan Ray, Callie McMorran

Wil and Jay assembled an all-star cast for this week’s episode! Following the Weekly Breakdown, we are joined by Logan Bowers, JRay, and Callie McMorran for an entertaining and informative conversation about a wide range of topics. Enjoy!

Episode 9 (10/23/18) Oggween Recap

Wil delivers the Weekly Breakdown and a brief recap of Halloween At Oggwood 2018!

Episode 8 (10/16/18) Alan Posey, Phillip Dawson – Oggween!

All about Oggween! Wil is joined by Alan Posey, owner of Oggwood Phillip Dawson, and some Oggwood locals for a discussion about the upcoming 4th annual Halloween At Oggwood!!

Episode 7 (10/8/2018) Chantee DeSilva-Cox

Halloween At Oggwood is right around the corner, and we’ve got more creepy goodies for you guys than ever before! In this week’s episode, Wil goes on location at Oggwood with the artist behind this year’s custom stamps, trophies, and more, Chantee DeSilva-Cox, to talk about the event, her awesome artwork, and her other projects!

Episode 6 (10/2/2018) Trevor Harboldt

Let’s talk politics! Will and 2019 MCDG Board of Directors candidate Zachary Hoy discuss the upcoming club election, and Trevor Harboldt joins us to talk about his recent appointment to the PDGA board.

Episode 5 (9/26/2018) Zach Evans

Wil and Jay Skinner deliver the weekly breakdown, dish on upcoming events, and discuss the recent USWDGC along with the upcoming USDGC. We are also joined by Black Monocle Discs’ Zach Evans, who clues us in on the details of his revitalization efforts at Two Rivers.

Episode 4 (9/19/2018) Andrew Maley

Wil McKaskle and Andrew Maley deliver the Weekly Breakdown, recap the recent Rutherford Anniversary event, and discuss some of the changes and growth occurring in the Disc Golf world!

Episode 3 (9/11/2018) James “K-Man” Kuykendall, Caleb “The Cannon” Webster

Wil and James “Kman” Kuykendall deliver the Weekly Breakdown, unveil the new format for Saturday Shuffle, and chat with Caleb “The Cannon” Webster about his recent success outside the Junior Divisions.

Episode 2 (9/6/2018) Zach Melton

Wil and Jay Skinner deliver the Weekly Breakdown, talk current DG events, chat with Team Dynamic Disc’s Zach Melton about recent tour stops and Team Dynamic Disc’s Jeff Casalina joins us to answer questions from the audience.