2018 Bag Tag Changes

2018 Bag Tag Changes

Changes are on the horizon.

2017 is a wrap and it was an incredible year. We added 3 PDGA C-tiers to our annual calendar, ran bag tags with waaaaay too many people and had tons of top pros that partnered with MCDG for unique events. From Paul McBeth, Nate Sexton to Whalepants, Jomez and Dude — Nashville’s offerings in 2017 were epic in many ways. As disc golf continues to grow, MCDG grows along with it. We’ve had substantial growth in membership and participants and that growth is now giving way to some much needed adjustments.

While these might seem dramatic to some, we assure you it’s a well thought out plan to continue to provide the fun loving atmosphere and high quality of events that people love being a part of. Basically, we can’t continue to hold one round bag tags with 120+ people on courses that should be holding 72-90 maximum. While we love it, there just is a point where we actually cannot sustain it; and we feel we have arrived at that point.

Please take a look at the new changes and remember to keep them in your mind when you are choosing your classification — the changes not only effect the bag tags but casual rounds as well.

See you on the course!


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