2023 MCDG Bag Tag Rules and Qualifications



MA2 – Mixed Amateur 2

MA3 – Mixed Amateur 3

MA4 – Mixed Amateur 4

MA50 – Mixed Amateur 50+

MA60 – Mixed Amateur 60+


MPO – Mixed Pro Open

MP40 – Mixed Pro 40+

MP50 – Mixed Pro 50+

MA1 – Mixed Amateur 1

MA40 – Mixed Amateur 40+


-10 points for winning your division

-5 points for second place in your division

-2 points for third place in your division

-1 point for every competitor in your division that you beat

-3 points for turning in the #1 tag, #2 tag, or #3 tag

-1 point for turning in tag #4 tag or higher

*points count double at Bag Tag Championship


MJ15 – Mixed Junior ≤ 15

FJ15 – Girls’ Junior ≤ 15



FA2 – Women’s Amateur 2

FA4 – Women’s Amateur 4

FA40 – Women’s Amateur 40+

FPO – Women’s Pro Open

Bag Tag Series Rules

-You must be an MCDG member to register and participate. Go to membership form to sign up.

-Preregistration via disc golf scene prior to close of registration will be required to participate in an event. 

-GREEN and JUNIOR pools will tee off via a shotgun start at 9am.

-ORANGE and WOMEN’S pools will tee off via a shotgun start at 1pm. An exception to this will be the bag tag event at Seven Oaks and Cane Ridge where all pools will tee off at 9am.

-Starting hole assignments will be posted at tournament central. There will be a mandatory competitor meeting prior to tee off. If you do not check in at tournament central and turn in your tag prior to tee off, you will not receive a tag at the end of the event or points for turning in a tag.

-Scoring will be kept via UDisc. Bag tag events are unsanctioned, but we follow PDGA rules to maintain fairness for all competitors. 

-Points cannot be combined or transferred if a competitor changes divisions during the year.

-Bag tags will be available immediately after your pool has completed the bag tag round, and scores are confirmed. If you do not collect your tag at this time, it will be forfeit. You can get the next available tag at the next bag tag event.

-CTP prizes must be collected at the end of the bag tag round. Otherwise, they will be forfeit.

-Ties for first place in a division during an event will go into an immediate sudden-death playoff. 

-Payout will be available at the end of the event. Pros will receive cash payout via PayPal. Amateurs will receive MCDG vouchers redeemable only for MCDG merchandise. If you do not stay to collect your voucher at the end of the round, it will be forfeit. Aces will be paid out via PayPal after the event is completed. Vouchers expire at the end of the year MCDG awards banquet during December of the current calendar year. Vouchers may not be used to register for an event. 

-Outside of bag tag events, tags are always on the line when two competitors from the same pool are playing, and you can challenge someone to their tag if they are in your same pool.

Bag Tag Championship Qualifications:

-Must play in at least 4 bag tag events during the season

-Event capacity is 100 competitors

-Early access registration will be available to those competitors that have played in 4 bag tag events AND are part of the following groups:

  • Top 4 competitors in each division
  • Current member of MCDG Board of Directors
  • MCDG lifetime members
  • Amateur Season Pass Holder for Current Bag Tag Year
  • Pro Season Pass Holder for Current Bag Tag Year

-Early access registration will allow for two weeks prior to general registration

-One week prior to close of registration, general registration will open to all MCDG members if any spots remain unfilled. Waitlist will be used. Full refunds given to those on the waitlist who do not get into the event.

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