2023 MCDG Membership Form

We are excited to have you join us for the 2023 season!

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to registration for MCDG Bag Tag events
  • 2023 MCDG membership tag
  • Voting rights for MCDG general membership and MCDG board of directors elections
  • Support of MCDG operations to continue running high-quality events
  • Exclusive access to MCDG Discord server
  • Support to local charities and community to teach disc golf to children and adults
  • Support local disc golf courses

The 2023 season will be formatted by pools to based on what division you are playing in. Here is the pool layout for the 2023 season:

GREEN pool (MA2, MA3, MA4, MA50, MA50)

JUNIOR pool (MJ15, FJ15)

ORANGE pool (MPO, MP40, MP50, MA1, MA40)

WOMEN’S pool (FA2, FA4, FA40, FPO)

Depending what pool your division is in, will determine what time of day you will be playing:

GREEN and JUNIOR pools will play in the morning.

ORANGE and WOMEN’S pools will play in the afternoon.

All pools will tee at the same time at Seven Oaks and Cane Ridge Bag Tag events.

Please use the below form to sign up for 2023 MCDG Membership:

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